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  • Secrete-things-doing-in-public-train

    Secrete things doing in public train

    Dec 27, 2016 7074 Views Popular video

    A WOMAN has publicly slammed a man she said was pleasuring himself on the train, forcing the man to get off at the next stop.
    The sassy passenger, Deanna Carter, launched 

  • jaqueline-fail-loses-skirt-stuck

    jaqueline fail loses skirt stuck

    Dec 27, 2016 1356 Views Popular video

    jaqueline fail loses skirt stuck  to play around on one or my clothes would get snagged between the steps and ... she saw a lady get caught by the scarf in an escalator's

  • Maze-Funny-Compilation

    Maze Funny Compilation

    Dec 27, 2016 2766 Views Popular video

    In C programming language terminology, a translation unit is the ultimate input to a C compiler from which an object file is generated. In casual usage it is sometimes

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Latest Updates Sinhala Articles

  • Stop-Drinking-Soda-Immediately

    Stop Drinking Soda Immediately

    Jan 21, 2017 1002 Views Health

    You know what will happen to your penis when you drink soda?Consumption of carbonated beverages, will not only hiding your tool under the big belly. In the latest resear

  • Hand-lines-that-make-you-rich

    Hand lines that make you rich

    Jan 21, 2017 709 Views Astrology

    Want to know whether you could earn enough money and lead a rich life? There are many signs indicating if you could be rich and acquire a good amount of wealth by reading 

  • Never-eat-sprats-and-tomato-together

    Never eat sprats and tomato together

    Jan 21, 2017 393 Views Health

    Everyone loves dry fish, especially in Sri Lanka. Dry fish is rich in calcium more than other foods. Therefore, dry fish can be described as one of the best calcium source

  • Drink-Warm-Water-An-Empty-Stomach

    Drink Warm Water An Empty Stomach

    Jan 20, 2017 493 Views Health

    Many of us have developed a good habit of starting the day with a glass of fresh water, good tea, or coffee to wake up. When we choose water, we almost always prefer to dr

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