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  • Simple-treatment-for-bone-pain

    Simple treatment for bone pain

    Dec 22, 2016 497 Views Health

    This is very simple and economical. You only need two ingredients. Water and Magnesium Chloride. Believe it, this simple recipe will change your life. Magnesium Chloride 

  • Any-time-kangkong-can-kill-you-

    Any time kangkong can kill you

    Dec 21, 2016 1091 Views Health

    Philipin peoples like kangkong.IT's their favourit vegetable. Kangkong is vegetable that rich in essential nutrients.But new studies found that kangkong is noxious weed. 

  • 15-Things-You-Didnt-Know-About-Him

    15 Things You Didnt Know About Him

    Dec 21, 2016 368 Views Health

    This article was written by Mike Zimmerman and provided by our partners at Men’s Health. While we hope you’re well-versed in all things vagina, it’s highly likely that you

  • Don’t-Ever-Eat-This-Part-Of-The-Chicken!

    Don’t Ever Eat This Part Of The Chicken!

    Dec 21, 2016 1212 Views Health

    Many experts around the world claim that chickens are injected with steroids to accelerate their growth so that the needs of this society can be met. This need is none oth

  • 10-Common-But-Deadly-Plants

    10 Common But Deadly Plants

    Dec 21, 2016 338 Views Health

    A common shade-loving household plant, Dumb Cane is a tropical plant that is among the most poisonous plants in the world. Chewing on any part of this leafy plant causes

  • Amazing-Health-Benefits-Of-Lunuwila

    Amazing Health Benefits Of Lunuwila

    Dec 21, 2016 303 Views Health

    Bacopa Monnieri is a Tonic for the Brain and the Nerves. It promotes mental health and rejuvenates an aging brain. It improves Cognition and Mental Acuity. It sharpens the

  • Why-are-we-healthy-avocado

    Why are we healthy avocado

    Nov 30, 2016 489 Views Health

    Avocados have become America’s “new favorite fruit.” Whether eaten in raw slices with salt and pepper or mashed up in guacamole, its myriad benefits fill every bite.

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Latest Updates Sinhala Articles

  • Lighten-Dark-Skin-Tanned-Hands-And-Feet

    Lighten Dark Skin Tanned Hands And Feet

    Jan 23, 2017 561 Views Beauty

    As our hands and feet remain exposed most of the time, they have a tendency to get darker than the skin on other parts of our bodies.
    Due to constant exposure to harmful

  • What-does-your-Birth-Month-say-about-you

    What does your Birth Month say about you

    Jan 23, 2017 953 Views Life

    While you have probably heard that zodiac signs can reveal a lot about a person’s personality and characteristics, did you know that the month you were born can also tell 

  • What-Are-The-Health-Benefits-Of-Onions

    What Are The Health Benefits Of Onions

    Jan 23, 2017 254 Views Health

    Never mind the tears they bring on–onions are an ace ally in your fight against disease. A prized member of the lily family, onions lavish you with health benefits while

  • How-To-Cure-Diabetes-Naturally-with-Eggs

    How To Cure Diabetes Naturally with Eggs

    Jan 22, 2017 923 Views Health

    Diabetes is insidious disease that affects the way the body will handle the blood glucose. The highest percentage of patients are diagnosed with type 2. With this type of

  • Never-Forget-To-Admire-Your-Wife

    Never Forget To Admire Your Wife

    Jan 22, 2017 1081 Views Life

    never deserved to be loved. ... Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those ..... Why love the woman who is your wife? ..... We mu

  • Bicycles-Are-women-break

    Bicycles Are women break

    Jan 22, 2017 318 Views Health

    Women gained a significant amount of independence with the invention of the bicycle. This device gave them the freedom to travel outside the home of their own ...The safet

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